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                      by Tom Atlee


The Tao of Democracy describes a new vision of politics and governance that can simultaneously address our unprecedented social problems and build a society that works for all.

It demonstrates how very different people can now find creative common ground and shared wisdom together. And it tells us how to use that fact to bring our dusty old politics up to speed, and find the wisdom we need to safely navigate the 21st century.

While the political vision in The Tao of Democracy is new, it is grounded in dozens of proven group processes, techniques and political models which it describes in detail.

Based on the philosophical insights of modern systems thinking, Eastern spirituality and recent developments in dialogue and social self-organization, The Tao of Democracy shows how a few relatively simple changes in our political institutions can produce a wise government of the people, by the people and for the people, at last.

The real-life stories, creative ideas and explicit how-to guidance in this book offer inspiration and tools for everyone who wants effective groups, healthy communities and a better world.

In The Tao of Democracy  you will find:

  • New forms of activism, citizenship and politics that are not only non-adversarial but are potent enough to create a world that works for all.
  • Ways to bring wisdom to politics and governance so that our future gets shaped by common sense, insight and creativity arising from We the People.
  • A hopeful vision of healthy democratic societies that can heal and consciously transform themselves when they need to.
  • True stories of ordinary people who became smarter and wiser together than they were separately.
  • Powerful approaches to collaboration, dialogue and deliberation -- from citizens' juries to permaculture to the choice-creating process, and much more...

Tom Atlee's The Tao of Democracy gives you ideas, information, tools, books, websites, people, organizations and a vision you can use to make all the difference in the world.

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